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Here is a fact that, regrettably, did not make it into my reviews of NBA 2K14 last year. As good of a basketball simulation as that game was, its online servers were also, for many players, practically unusable for long stretches of time. I did not run into many of those issues when testing the game myself for review, but they became the predominant topic of conversation in the ensuing months. NBA 2K15 is another very good basketball game that nonetheless floats between being mildly afflicted and utterly crippled by server issues. Some of its worst problems have begun to work themselves out in the time following its release, but many issues–including laggy online games, server timeouts in modes that in theory are supposed to be offline, and a clunky, barely enjoyable MyPark mode–still remain. There are likable improvements in this year’s offering, but not nearly enough of them to make up for what an unfriendly experience the game often proves to be. It’s a shame, because on the court, NBA 2K15 is just about as good as this series has ever been. Not a lot has been changed in terms of controls, but A. Shots that I had an easy time exploiting in last year’s game are far more difficult to pull off, and defenders play you much tighter than in the past.


In this review we will tackle content, graphics and presentation, gameplay, fun factor, and longevity. The Midterm Grades give a more accurate representation of the overall quality of the game because we have had almost six months to play, explore, poke and prod this game and know it now better than anyone who gave the week one review. We will take an in depth look at each mode and I will offer some suggestions on possible fixes.

NBA 2K15 has 50 achievements worth points. View all the It’s Raining, 10​. Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.

If NBA 2K15 has taught me anything, it’s that getting real-life NBA players to act in your game often brings with it hilarious results. Mostly, it means bearing witness to the range of a guy like Detroit’s Andre Drummond, who has exactly one tone of voice for every mood that he’s trying to convey, whether it’s outraged, jubilant, or cajoling: a bored monotone of the sort that you often hear players use with the media.

Far from detracting from the overall experience, however, I think it actually adds to it, if only because it never fails to crack me up. Stilted as they are, though, the player voice-overs are also oddly thrilling. If sports games are about fulfilling the fantasy of being a pro athlete or having direct control of your favorite team, then being mentored by a virtual version of a familiar athlete is an extension of that sort of wish fulfillment.

Much as I chuckled at Drummond’s delivery, I still felt guilty about picking up stakes and moving to the New York Knicks after the Detroit Pistons had given me my shot. I had let Andre down. It’s moments like that, ultimately, that set NBA 2K15 apart from other sports sims. As a basketball sim, NBA 2K15 fundamentally understands that the NBA is driven by superstars and outsized personalities, and cheesy voice-acting aside, does an amazing job of conveying that through its gameplay.

Of course, this is nothing new for NBA 2K, which has long been lauded for its ambitious superstar mode, high-quality presentation, and realistic graphics.

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The studio rewrote the game’s matchmaking logic as well as the way it delivers content to players.

NBA 2K15 Trophy List • 51 Trophies • Owners • % Average. Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game. %.

Few team-based sports highlight the individual like basketball does, and even fewer allow the control of a game to pass through a single teammate. Basketball is a flashy sport, a sexy sport; filled with shoe-endorsements, slam-dunk contests, and courtside celebrities. While most games focus on the meat and potatoes of mechanics, NBA 2K15 is at work making the drama of sports feel alive. NBA 2K15 is a bit of a mixed bag, but overall it plays well. Running plays in previous iterations of NBA2K were kind of a nightmare.

First you had to try and get the play called – god forbid to try using Kinect to do this – but even when it worked, it was difficult to run the play itself. NBA 2K15 tries to help you out here. Plays are easier to set up and their execution is a little easier to follow. Teams that thrive on teamwork and passing really highlight how players can get burned on the back door or in the pick-and-roll. Using the turbo button and the pro stick, you can leave opponents stuck in the mud and drive to the hoop; or create a little separation and nail the jumper.

NBA 2K15 Review

In this mode, you can only play as LeBron James. You can still assist your teammate by signaling them to shoot the ball or pass it to you. There are two paths: Heat Dynasty and Fantastic Journey. The rest of the league will be doing everything they can to figure out a way to shut them down, but with an already stacked roster that’s only getting better, that task is looking like it’s going to be anything but easy. In Dwight Howard ‘s first season in Houston, he finally seems to be fully healed and back to his old self.

In the second half, the Rockets when on absolute tear, winning 36 out of their final 40 games and steamrolling into the NBA Finals.

We’ll know whether NBA 2K15 was a great game if we still feel like firing it up in and computer-controlled players make sensible basketball rotations when.

Welcome to the basketball season! We’ve listed some common questions and answers below. Can I move my Virtual Currency between these versions? How about between Xbox and Xbox One? Face scanning doesn’t seem to work on Xbox One when I start up the game. What’s up? We will update this post as we receive more questions about the game. How do I activate 2K University? In order to access 2KU, make sure you are connected online. How do I practice moves? There are two ways to practice moves in NBA 2K Why does my grade go down when a team member turns over the ball?


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The woes of NBA2K15 No matchmaking for Park/Rec mode: One of the best things about this year’s 2K is the revamped Park mode, but it still.

OP TheSchmidt This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. I signed in to play Halo The Master Chief collection and For an hour straight, it was either “searching for players” or “connecting to session” After an hour of trying everything from restarting my xbox multiple times, taking the game out as well. I even unplug my modem about 3 different times..

I just gave up and decided not to play. Nothing seemed to work to get me connected to a game. I know it’s not my connection because I can play destiny perfectly fine and even play Nba 2k15 online as well! I thought they updated and fixed problems?

NBA 2K15 PlayStation 4 Review: The Ballad of Andre Drummond

The idea of creating your own player and joining up with other gamers to play multiplayer games where every player is user-controlled has become the most popular experience in NBA 2K. Simply put, if NBA 2K is going to cater to its large paying audience and establish a respectable competitive scene, it needs to have proper matchmaking. You enter the locker room with or without friends and wait for your squad and the opposing team to be filled.

Unlike the older verion for 2k games (basketball) it is hard to make team and other things like that but this verion is really better like the fifa15 it shows clearly.

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October 7 marks another edition of one of the biggest video game franchises in the history of gaming. The NBA 2K series hasn’t just grabbed the majority of basketball video game sales since its inception in ; it’s become a huge part of basketball culture off the pixelated court as well. NBA players play it as much as some fans and are quick to want to hit up the 2K Sports crew headed by Ronnie Singh to find out their ratings in the game long before the game is released.

What the franchise has done such a great job of over the years is trying to make the world of NBA basketball available at your fingertips. The graphics year in and year out have been spectacular, growing ever more lifelike with each advancement in gaming technology.

which promises several innovations that could make NBA 2K15 the destination sports game for franchise mode fans. Now after sitting down.

While getting my scrub MyTeam players dominated under the basket by s-era Will Perdue on NBA 2K15, a relative walked by and did a quick double take. Honestly, I thought the fact that I was getting owned by Will Perdue was a dead giveaway that this wasn’t real. Then again, such comments are a testament to the excellent job that 2K Sports has done in making its NBA 2K franchise look as realistic as possible.

For someone who has gotten used to the excellent presentation of the series, it’s also a nice reminder of the technical feat that the game’s creators have pulled off — something I admit that I tend take for granted at times. For this year’s rendition, 2K says it added more than 6, new animations to its basketball opus for increased realism. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t verify that claim personally but given how smoothly the players move, I’ll just take 2K’s word for it.

It’s like the virtual basketball version of butter. Another key change for this year’s rendition of the game is its increased emphasis on the gamer. Hey, there may be no “I” in team but, like His Airness said, there is one in “win.

All Achievements. Earned Achievements. Locked Achievements.

What I’ve done with NBA 2K15 on the PS4, is play certain key games and simulate the rest. If it’s not a ‘rivalry’ game or a game where I can get a lot of VC ​eh.

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NBA 2K15 review

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Buy NBA 2K15 by 2K for Xbox One at GameStop. Find release The amazing graphics and the animations make this a game worth playing. Good game for.

Back during my Playstation 1 days I was an avid basketball fan and purchased myself a couple of games that were new at the time; NBA games such as Shootout and Live But 9 years later I seem to have rekindled my interest for the sport, within the last 6 months or so I have started regularly watching a couple of games on TV during my spare hours and spent some time getting to grips with the rules and how the game is really played.

As Christmas was just around the corner, I thought why not treat myself to a brand new game for my recently purchased Playstation 4? So here is my review! However I feel that 2k15 offers quite alot of content for users to tinker around with and get used to. There are quite a few different game modes both online and offline and each have their own little twist in order to keep things fresh.

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